Club timeline

  • Club formed 1919

    First sod

    The Fairfield Canoe Club (FCC)  Club was formed at the Heidelberg Boathouse at Fairfield Park (opposite the Pipe Bridge) in April1919, but friction with the proprietor soon had members thinking of their own club house. One bone of contention was the necessity of hanging the club boats from the trees outside the building as no storage facilities were available for them.

  • Land purchase


    Having determined to purchase land to have a "bid for our own premises" in 1924, funds were raised by selling debentures and land purchased at 9 The Esplanade, Fairfield in 1925.

    Excavations commenced by club members June, 1925 and completed January,1926.

  • The Great Depression

    Image: Australian Museum

    The Great Depression ran from 1929 - 1935. This time of unemployment had a significant effect on FCC. More people looking for cheap forms of entertainment saw canoe clubs initially prosper. However, as time passed, non-financial membership cast the Club into significant difficulties. This led to the co-location with a newly formed Rowing Club (NDRC) in 1933.